Computer programs not working, can't install Windows updates

May 21, 2018
I have a custom made Cyberpower PC gaming computer with a Geforce 680 graphics card, i7 3.60 processor, 1tb hard drive, 8gb ram (sorry, I don't know how much of this information is pertinent), and Windows 7 64 bit; I bought the computer in 2012. Anyways, about a week ago it started having problems in that it wouldn't allow me to open folders, games, web pages, etc. at the speed that they would usually open and I couldn't play most of my games. I attempted to restore my computer to an earlier point, but for *some* reason it didn't have any, despite my last Windows reinstall being about two and a half years ago and me having restored my computer to earlier points before (as early as several months ago). In reaction to this and several other futile attempts at fixing my computer, I inserted Windows 7 with the reinstall disk that came with it, however, after rebooting my computer and having the disk load up I clicked to repair windows - prior to attempting to reinstall it - but it said that the Windows version on the disk wasn't the same version of Windows that I had already installed on my computer. Note that I have reinstalled Windows on my computer once or twice over the past six years on this computer and it hadn't done this. I have absolutely no clue why it wasn't and still doesn't recognize my Windows 7 install disk as being the same version of Windows that I have when it's the disk I use to install Windows 7.

After the subsequent reinstall was completed I installed all of my drivers (motherboard, gpu, etc.) and, later on, Windows automatic updates began, but after having waited for nearly five hours for the updates to install, they failed and went to a "Windows updates having failed, reverting changes," screen. It was stuck on this for about another four hours before I started to get rattled - attempting to work my way around it to get back into Windows. All of my attempts failed, and even after trying Safe Mode my computer went back to the "Reverting changes" screen but in the safe mode screen format rather than the normal one. I ended up having to reinstall Windows 7 and all of my drivers again. Instantly after having reinstalled Windows and all of my drivers, I created a restore point and turned off Windows automatic updates. Now, my computer is still acting glitchy, I can't play my games, folders lag when loading up, and every time I try to install Windows updates it fails and reverts the changes - the only difference is is that I haven't been getting stuck on the reverting changes page, usually. It did once but I used the restore point to get out of it. Whaaaat is wrong with my computer?? I can't update it even when I only install a few updates at a time and it keeps lagging and not running programs correctly.