Question Computer randomly booting up at night, and occasional sudden slow downs ?


Mar 8, 2015
Over the past month, I've been having a number of issues with my computer and I just can't narrow down what's going on. It started late in October when I had a driver power state failure, which caused a blue screen, and since then, I've had another driver power state failure and an interrupt exception not handled, all of them caused by the driver ntoskrnl.exe according to Blue ScreenView. Recently I completely removed my graphics card drivers, as I had two of these crashes in the same game, and have replaced them, but my overall computer issues have persisted.

Before writing this, while using google chrome, my computer suddenly slowed to a halt, and it felt like it was handicapped. My functions were limited, I couldn't close some windows, and I couldn't even open the task manager. I could open the start menu, though I could not do anything in it; clicking shut down and restart yielded no results. This event occurred after I reinstalled my drivers and at least once before it, though for this crash I did not get a blue screen dump. I've dusted my computer recently and received crashes of the same type following that. As for my hardware:

Processor: Ryzen 5 3600
Graphics Card; RX 5600 XT
RAM: 16 GB of 3000 MHZ RAM
Motherboard: Asus Prime B550M

I am currently on Windows 11 and experienced issues before updating to Windows 11. My windows 11 install was not a clean install. Performance-wise, everything is fine; its just that these sudden and spontaneous halts are concerning. If it is relevant, I've also noticed my computer suddenly booting up at night, when that would not happen in the past.