Question Computer randomly restarting while gaming (currently only for Dead by Daylight?)

Jul 20, 2019
Hi everyone. I hope someone can give me some advice here because its doing my head in.

Here are my specs:
  • i7-6700k @ normal clocks (4.2Ghz boost/4Ghz)
  • RTX 2080ti
  • 16GB RAM @ 3200mhz
  • 1440p monitor @ 144Hz
  • Windows 10
  • Antec Edge 750W PSU
Recently I have been having the computer completely shut off and restart with no BSOD, error or information that would be useful to determining a problem. It is frustrating because I can play the culprit game (DBD) for 3 hours no issues, other times just 10-20 minutes and my PC gives up.

I eventually decided to keep playing the game until it shuts down again, but this time with some logging software running to see if any major issues prop up. You can see those at the bottom of the post

I have also updated my drivers, unplugged and replugged in the PSU cables and done memtest to check RAM (which came back with no errors). I am pretty stumped as to what the issue could be. My first culprit would be PSU and second would be GPU.

I have a multimeter and would like to test the PSU to see if any rails fail under load but not sure which ones would even be faulty.

If anyone could help me solve this it would be much appreciated! I am willing to replace components if they are faulty but I dont want to replace something, then have it not be the culprit.

PIC 1 - CPU log before crash

PIC 2 - GPU log before crash 1

PIC 3 - GPU log before crash 2


Make and model of your motherboard? You're working with an i7-6700K, what sort of an aftermarket cooler are you working with? Make and model of your chassis and your ambient air temps? How old is the PSU?