Question COMPUTER RANDOMLY RESTARTS - tryhard to find the reason but I can't! HELP PLEASE!

Feb 4, 2022
Hey guys...

The whole computer is restarting randomly. Once it works fine for a month, and then it restarts 5-15 times in one day.
I have tested many things and possibilities, unfortunately I am still not sure what is the reason.
Sometimes is just one reset, sometimes its bootloop (and I have to turn off it totally and then it works), sometimes its boot looped, but finally works in safe and then crash in Windows in 30 sec, after first crash it works 2h and again crash.

But at the beginning:

Ryzen 9 5900X
GF 1070 Gigabyte
G.Skill Trident Z Neo, DDR4, 32 GB, 3600MHz, CL16
SeaSonic Prime GX 850W (SSR-850GD)
Samsung 980 1 TB M.2 2280 PCI-E x4 Gen3 NVMe + Intel 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe 660p Series + ADATA HDD HD650 2 TB
Inter-Tech C-303 Mirror (Case)

Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM (4x)
Noctua NF-A14 PWM (2x)
Noctua NH-D15 (for CPU ofc)

I thought for a very long time that it was the RAM's fault because the DRAM LED was on sometimes (after boot loops), but...
I am sure its not ram. I bought new RAMs, problem still exists. I'll return it to the store in a time cuz I know its not the reason right now. I changed RAM from G.Skill Trident Z Neo, DDR4, 32 GB, 3600MHz, CL16 (F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC) to Ballistix, DDR4, 16 GB, 3600MHz, CL16 (BL2K8G36C16U4W). I changed RAM cuz in one MEMTEST (after restart) I had 8 errors and then never-ever saw errors again. Idk what was that... but problem still exits on another ram so w/e.

Most of resets are in idle. 4 weeks ago I did all testes were fine, but today I did it again and:

PSU TEST - CRASH after 2min, 30sec
GPU TEST - CRASH after (8min. 40)

After that I had to do something then back to OCCT and tests, and what?
EVERYTHINK is stable.
30min CPU, 30min GPU test, and 30min PSU test. Everythink works, no resets. I can't reset him again...

The problem is not reproducible like u can see. Its all-all <Mod Edit> random.

I have last version of BIOS.
Its not about Windows, I have sometimes resets in BIOS. (when I have first reset computer - also sometimes, cuz not always - making a "streak" and then its crashing 5-15 times.
I've also considered that it may be the fault that the power supply is not powerful enough. I have a lot of fans, a lot of stuff plugged into the USB ports, but.... most resets run at idle (where the voltage is lower).
Longest it works for 3 month without resets. Now this sh1t is attacking me like everyday at least one time.

Any ideas how to fix this? Please... I dont dont know what to do... my next idea is prob to change PSU but "powerfull" PSU costs a lot. What if it works fine for 2 weeks, then the problems come back and I can't return it to the store? Unfortunately I do not have millions on my account...
I just don't know what is this, now its again stable, w8ting for next resets.
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Oct 25, 2017
I still think it might be RAM. I upgraded my wife's computer RAM and at first it was running fine, but then computer started restarting randomly like once in a few days and bluescreened. When I tried to change with other RAM, there was no signal. It only worked on specific RAM sticks. My guess is RAM.


Oct 25, 2017
RAM? I tested two sets of G.Skill and Crucial. All of them are so popular chooses for computers like this... how that can be idk unstable or not compatible?
I tested G.Skill, Crucial, Patriot, Hyper X and so many brands and models on my wife's motherboard and none of them worked. It didn't even have display signal. Only Kingston's specific model (old) worked. And myG.Skill Trident X's worked by having display signal, but as I said computer was restarting and crashing several times in weeks.

Vic 40

Try something simple, take the motherboard battery out and replace with a new one after about 15min, so you would need a new battery for this, when done make sure optimal default values are loaded and that time and date are set correct. See how it fares, if it works out right enable DOCP for the ram,again see what happens.
Feb 4, 2022
@Vic 40

I did that, stlill nothing.


Its not about broken slots, ram sticks or smth. Tested everything with rams.

Since my last post I have moved forward a little with the issue. At this point it could just be the PSU, MOBO or CPU. Everything else I've replaced, tested or swapped.
Problem still exist.
I have written to SeaSonic support. They told me that this computer should work very well with these components. At least I know that it is compatible.
I also wrote to ASUS, they had me record the fault to send it on... it's a pity that I now have to wait simply because everything is random.
I have tried many configurations in the BIOS over this time. Unfortunately, disabling various "boosts" or changing voltages or disabling XMP does not help.

I'm now wondering whether to buy a MOBO or another power supply first. There's a lot more work to do with the motherboard, and I'm not going to change that in the computer myself, unfortunately.

During this time my m.2 drive broke down, I hoped it was the cause as it was fine for a month, but the problem came back. Sad.

Any ideas guys? What to do?