[SOLVED] Computer randomly restarts while playing modern (hi-end) games

May 29, 2019
I'm currently having problems with my ~12yo setup (only cpu, psu and Mb are this old) - it was always working perfectly without any problems but now for few days computer just restarts (Skipping any BSOD's/errors whatsoever) after 20 minutes of high end games (Witcher 3, Dark Souls3, ArmA 3, Sekiro and GTA5). Low-end Games like League Of Legends are not affected in any way even after playing for entire day. Problems started after registry-cleanup by Kaspersky App but I still suspect power supply. it might be something lesser/more so I wanted to ask some professionals.

Additional info:
After having problems noted above I did complete dust cleanup, repasted cpu, did several diagnostics of HDD and system registries, av scans etc... computer is running 100 % smooth, responsive and fast without any issues, temperatures are fine for having no WaterCooling, benchmarking went great and is even above average so everything seems to point towards PSU. But I want to ask if that might be MB problem? As it's 12yo, it is probably twice beyond any life-time period, however I always treat my computer as best as I could without doing much overclocking, and doing maintenance often. I'm 100% out of budget as of now so please no comments like "just buy new setup"

CPU: Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67ghz OC'd to ~2.79ghz (Max temp recorded: ~60C)
GPU: MSI Gaming Twinfrozr (Nvidia 760) ~1ghz (Max temp recorded: ~70C)
RAM: Crucial 8GB KIT DDR3 1600MHz CL9 Ballistix Sport (DUAL 2X4, ~1333mhz)

There goes HW monitor diag approx. 1 min before PC crashed: HWM
I can provide more logs, I have like all diag apps.

May 29, 2019
Thanks all for replies! I've got some additional questions, though..
  • As I am currently saving some money to buy PSU what would you recommend to do with my computer in meantime?
  • Should I use computer as least as possible?
  • When I'm going out for a while should I turn off the PC or should I restart as least as possible?
  • What brand or specific model of PSU would you recommend me for the current computer build so it could have potentional to be used in future for more demanding mid-end PC?
  • Is it risky every time the computer restarts or not?
  • What exactly could be the issue in PSU? Would it be the age, or some component is broken? Is the aging process degrading the potentional power output? I am not any hardware/electrical expert so I don't know.
  • Is Fortron bad PSU brand? I have had also one Corsair 750W PSU that I've bought after Fortron one, but it exploded and burnt inside of my computer so I had to put this old one back in. The Fortron one was always very loud, but now for few years it's completely silence.
Also voltages seems very low. Is it why my computer reboots?
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