Question Computer randomly restarts

Rui Neves

Sep 20, 2014
my computer is restarting ,but after restart I can use it for hours or weeks . For example yesterday the computer restarted after 2 hours playing , then after restart I've run aida 64 for 1h and half on stability test and everything was fine .... Today I've played for another 2h and restarted again .after that decided to reeinstall the gpu drivers to version 20.8.1 and Played for one more hour and everything went fine , after that decided to do one more stability test that this time test failed and have restarted my pc in about 45min .... So I have run another stability test again and it was running for 1h without any issue ... My temps in cpu reached to 58°c , Mb to 47°c and GPU 75°c ...

What could be the issue , I am really confuse, I was thinking about driver issue because of the timing but now I am thinking on my gpu or psu ...
I am only getting "unexpected shutting down " message on event logs ...
I have run tests on ram on memtest 86 with 1 pass and no erros

since this was posted I have taken to a store , the store said that no hardware issues were detected , I have played a lot ! 1st thing that seem to work was removing my mouse , for seven days not a single reboot .... after 7 days a new reboot playing Hitman . So I changed my Power outlet again ! and after that , guess what .... 19 days without reboots , until this momment .... and was playing wwe battlegrounds !! , but what could I do ?, I can not change the Motherboard without knowing for 100% , I have to take it to the store again and they can say that is no hardware issue again . I think I will take to the store again , it´s my only change anyway ! until then , some ideas that what could be ? is i could fix this without take it to a store will be better !

The issue is very random anyway , the last time before this time was watching a Youtube video after PC being in idle for hours ! so not have to be with how much stress I am putting in components

List of components :

Xfx Rx 580 gts xxx 4gb
Bitfenix formula gold 550w
Corsair xms3 4gbx2 1666mhz
Amd a8 6600k
Msi a88xm e35
I am using 4 fans and 1 ODD , 1 ssd and 2hdd

The PSU have about 5 months .
The ram , mb and cpu have about 5 years
The gpu have about 3 years

I am really confuse, could it be a bad Motherboard or the OS ??
I am only getting "unexpected shutting down " message on event logs ...
I have run tests on ram on memtest 86 with 1 pass and no erros
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