Question Computer randomly shuts down

Mar 18, 2021
Hello! So around 4-5 weeks ago I started having this issue with my PC. I replaced my Ryzen 5 2600 with a Ryzen 7 3700x. I updated the bios to F60 as instructed. Unfortunately, the processor came broken, so I sent it back. Right after I did this, my computer started randomly shutting down and the fans would run at 100% when I put back in my old processor. I tried everything to fix it, but unplugging the GPU from the PSU and then plugging it back in worked immediately. It never happened again.

I got the 3700x in the mail and installed it again. Weirdly, my B1 and B2 ram slots no longer work with the 3700. They still work with the 2600. Everything ran smoothly for the last two weeks except for the ram slots not working. The last two days, my computer began to randomly restart again. Now, my computer shuts down, the fans shut down, and the only thing that is still powered is my ram. Again, I have to hit the back power switch and restart my computer completely. This ONLY happens when I am playing a game. At no other time does this happen when I am just normally using my computer. It also usually happens when I am running a game for a bit, or in a high intensity area for a while.

I cannot identify where this issue is coming from or why my ram slots might no longer work.

Ryzen 7 3700x
PSU is 750W, I would have to look at it again to see what brand friend built my PC for me if that is needed
x470 ultra gaming motherboard
Ram is 16 gigs, once again would have to double check the specific brand

*CPU is not bent or installed improperly. Checked like three times.