Computer randomly shuts off while playing AAA games

Sep 10, 2018

Whenever I play AAA games (Battlefield, GTAV, etc.), my computer either freezes like it's going to BSOD (when in reality the whole system is down) or it just shuts off altogether. This happens around every 30-45 minutes after starting the game.

Here are my specs. I've upgraded my PSU and CPU multiple times, but the problem still persists.

What would seem to be the issue here? Is my PSU getting too hot?

Also, I don't think the CPU cooler is correct, but it's one of those Corsair EVO models.

What are the system temperatures?

There may be a problem with a short in the PC, and the power supply fault protection circuit shutting the system down. It could also be a problem with the power supply itself. It could be overheating and shutting down.

The 850 watts is more than adequate for the graphics card & system.

After running the system for a while, shut the system down and unplug it. After a minute or two put your hand near or on the power supply. If it is hot, then the power supply fan is faulty. Then the power supply will need to be replaced (or at a minimum serviced to replace the fan).