Computer Randomly Shutting Down. Makes a click right before. HELP!


May 30, 2016
My computer is about a year and a half old. Recently it's been randomly shutting down, before it shuts down it makes a click. I assumed it was the PSU so I opened up the side panel and ran a cpu test for a while to see if the It's possibly the cpu over heating but it wasn't the temps were normal. The PSU seemed to be fine, fan was working properly and did not seem to be overheating. Then I check the GPU temps were fine. What can be the problem it randomly shuts down occasionally. I also have my psu directly plugged into the wall since I assumed the surge protector could have been a cause.

Asus Maximus vii hero
Gtx 970
8g corsair vengeance ddr3
Corsair HX 750
H100i cooler
850 evo ssd
Some old 1tb HD

Nothing is overclocked
Hi there Vardan,

Your HDD may be making that clicking sound. So, you can start with backing up the important stuff stored on the drive.
After that, you can attach the drive with different cables(both SATA and power ones) to a different SATA port. In case the issue persists, you can test it:
Look for pending/reallocated and uncorrectable sectors.

It will not hurt to update your MOBO drivers.

Let me know how this goes,
D_Know_WD :)