Question Computer really slow - 100% disk space used when only discord and browser open.

Jun 28, 2021
Hi there!

So, this problem has been happening for a few months now. Basically I open my browser, maybe discord as well and join a call, and suddenly my disk space jumps to 100%. I cant really do anything at that point, opening new tabs takes a good ten seconds, changing between discord or my browser takes ages, and playing games is even worse.
I'm thinking that maybe an additional ssd card might do the trick, as I've kind of overloaded my pc recently with programs needed for my university course, but still I'm not sure if thats what would fix the problem. Does anyone know why the pc might be doing this?

CPU: Ryzen R5 1600x
Motherboard: Asus Prime b350 plus
Memory: Corsair vengence 8GB 3000
Storage: 1tb hard drive 7200RPM
GPU: Geofrce gtx 1060 6GB
PSU: Corsair CMX 450watt.