Question Computer rebooting randomly (no signal to monitor) and leds on mobo

Oct 27, 2019
So I just got this problem thats driving me crazy for weeks,when i'm gaming or even browings youtube sometimes the monitor would turn and off rapidly (paranormal activity style,if you know what i mean) then either pc reboots or it stays on. When it reboots i do get CPU led on for few seconds then stays solid on VGA. Meanwhile my fans and all would be running.I have to force pc to shutdown via power button then open back it up with no problem (I still get that problem after forcing pc to open tho). Another strange thing I noticed is for instance I turn off my pc,go to bed then when I try to open my pc in the morning, this time BOOT led stays solid. Another problem is occasionally I do get BSOD specifically VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE atikmpag.sys resulting pc to reboot. For couple of times I did get another BSOD which said something like "your windows 10 didnt installed properly" and would scan for my drivers. After that I scanned my windows for corruption with cmd commands and didnt find any corruption or errors.

FYI pc specs :

I do have latest radeon update but for some reason I dont have atikmpag.sys (and I believe many more files compared to other people) under system32/drivers, I dont know if that would cause these issues.Noob here but I think I need a fresh windows 10 and driver installation, I hope it's not a hardware problem (Im not in position to check my hardware on another pc) fingers crossed. I need all of you guy's opinions because this is getting frustrating, anyways thanks in advance!!

PS:BIOS version is E7C02AMS.300 - 07/11/2019
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