Computer Rebooting


Dec 3, 2002
I need some help and I'm puzzled. My computer just started to act strange. It keeps rebooting automatically. I turn the computer on it goes through the POST and starts to try to load Windows and bingo, it reboots. I have tried the following, I pulled all the cables off of the drives and started it up, still does it. I pulled the RAM and replaced with different RAM and tried it in different slots, still reboots. I looked at the BIOS and all looks good, so I loaded the BIOS Defaults and it still reboots. Yesterday I turned it on and after about 7 minutes of rebboting WIndows finally loaded and I got the Windows Desktop. All my drive and RAM and CPU all showed up in the COntrol Panel and everything worked like normal, turned it off and restarted and it started rebooting again. Any ideas out there?

System Specs are: P3 1000MHZ 512K Kingston RAM, 40 GIG Hard drive, Nvidia GForce 2 64K Ram, On board sound,Ethernet. MSI Motherboard and Antec 200W Case/PS.

I was told maybe could be RAM, motherboard, power supply.
Looking for ideas.

Thanks, Randy


Sep 15, 2002
Sounds like windows is broken. Reinstall it.
Can you boot to safe mode ok? Hit F8 before windows begins to load and choose safe mode.

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