Question Computer reboots when it wakes from sleep after upgrading the GPU ?


Jun 20, 2009
After upgrading my GPU from an Asus RTX 2080-TI TUF to an MSI 3080 Ti my computer reboots when it wakes from sleep, everything is still there as i left it when i put it to sleep so it doesn't close anything. Before the upgrade i could click the mouse and a second later i was at my desktop, now i have to wait for the whole boot process and whose got time for that?? LoLz

What gives, am i going to have to reinstall Windows 11 and start over?


Did you upgrade the PSU on your build while the GPU upgrade took place? If not, I spot a PSU in your sig space. How old is the unit in your build? Did you use DDU to remove your prior GPU's drivers before you removed the RTX2080Ti? BIOS version for your motherboard at this moment of time?

As for your specs, please include them in the body of your thread since sig space specs can and will change over time rendering this thread and any relevant suggestions or solutions moot to the person in the same boat as you're in now.