Question Computer restart when launching CERTAIN games - help!

Dec 20, 2019
Hello -

I have been experiencing a very frustrating problem - my computer does a hard shutdown/restart when launching a few specific games. What's worse is that sometimes the games will run fine, but other times I get the restart. Always happens at around the same point -- when the initial splash screens appear but before the game goes into the main menu. For example, I will get the screen for the publisher, the developer, and then boom - restart.

The latest victim is the Outer Worlds. I played the game for many hours and then suddenly today I can't get past the "Private Division" screen without a crash/restart. Other games I've had this problem with are Edith Finch, Seven, and Underworld Ascendant. I've reinstalled Windows, updated graphics drivers, and checked power settings. My PC is well spec'ed - EVGA GeForce 1080, i7, plenty of memory. The build is from Digital Storm.

Any ideas? Could it be the PSU? I have a EVGA 750W. Would a PSU problem make sense given that only some programs give me this problem? Other highly demanding programs (Witcher 3, Hitman, etc) run beautifully with no issues.

Any advice/help would be appreciated.
Feb 12, 2020
Hmm I was about say it sounds like the power supply, but then you wouldn't be able to play games like Witcher or Hitman.
Did you do a memory test yet? Although I suppose it still wouldn't make sense why it would run the other games fine.
Do you have Nvidia GeForce Experience installed?