Question Computer restarting mostly after login


Dec 6, 2016
This is going to be a long post.

A few days ago I got a new CPU cooler for my Ryzen 5 5600x because the stock cooler wasn't handling it well. Temps were above 90°C on full load and I needed to change that.

I bought a FUMA something cooler, which is a great 'mid-budget' cooler. Temps went down to about 75°C tops on full load and I was happy.

A few days after that, I noticed that while I left my computer mining with NiceHash overnight, it would sometimes restart. At first I thought it could be power outtage so I wasn't worried.

Shortly after the computer restarted while I was working. I do leave NiceHash running in the background while I work and it had never caused me any sort of trouble.

Fast forward to a few days from then, my PC restarted while idle. And soon after, restarted yet again. I was starting to get worried. But because of all the restarting especially while I was AFK, I set NiceHash Miner to auto start with windows.

Last night, the PC restarted again and I decided to check the event viewer. Under system, there were a few red entries saying that something was plugged in but wasn't working and because of that the service IntelHaxm failed to start. Also a few more red warnings telling me about unexpected restarts and stuff. One of them mentioned a timeout while waiting for intel(R) TPM provisioning service to connect but that is all I could see before my computer restarted again and my nightmare started.

My computer shows the mobo splash logo, the spinning circle for windows loading, and I usually get to the login screen (which should log me in automatically without asking for a password). I see my user picture, my name, and "Welcome" right below it, with the spinning circle letting me know something is loading. Then as soon as it seemed like I was going to get to my desktop, the screen goes black (no BSOD) and my PC restarts with a single speaker beep (as normal).

I decided to let it try again a few times but it always restarts at the same point. A few times I couldn't even make it to the "Welcome screen".

After a few restarts, Windows starts trying to diagnose and fix issues. It never works and the cycle repeats.

I can safely go into the bios and stay there messing with configs and stuff. The PC won't restart then (at least for the 15 mins I stayed there).
After a while I decided to try a few things:
  1. Logged into Safe Mode. First time didn't work and PC kept restarting;
  2. Opened my case and see if there was anything loose. All cables seemed firm enough and nothing seemed to be wobbly or out of place;
  3. Swapped out my RTX 2070 for my girlfriend's GTX 970 to see if mining had ruined it, but the exact same problem persisted;
  4. Reseated my RAM sticks. Take them out, test one by one, replug them, etc. Still same problem;
  5. Removed my new cooler, wiped the thermal paste, did the same with my CPU chip, looked carefully to look for bent pins, but everything seemed normal. Put everything back in, and the problem persisted;
  6. Disconnected my HDDs and SSDs one at a time, but nothing worked still;
  7. Tried formatting my SATA SSD with a clean W10 install from a flash drive. I could get to the windows interface where I could select whether to keep files or do a clean install and it started setting things up. The PC restarts (I think that is default for the windows installer) and it says that it is reverting changes, then back to the restarting problem again;
  8. Removed my SSD with the windows installation completely and tried installing windows on my nvme m2 ssd but, after formatting it, windows says it can't locate or create a new partition or something, and I can't proceed;
  9. Reset my BIOS settings. Still same problem;
  10. Tried turning it on without a GPU. My mobo speaker does one long beep followed by three short ones and, after a few seconds, repeats. I don't know whether it is restarting because of not finding video or because of my issue;
  11. Tried Safe Mode one more time. This time it actually started and I got into Windows, but after a few seconds the screen went black and it restarted again.
  12. After unplugging my SATA 7200 RPM HDD, I managed to get into my desktop past the login screen. But just like it happened in Safe Mode, all it took was a few seconds for it to restart yet again.
I think that is all I tried. At least I can't think of anything else.

I have a hypothesis that, for some reason, my PSU is dying. It is fully modular 650W gold certified from Corsair. Though, while thinking about it, I can't imagine why that would be the problem. Considering the computer does start and works for a while, it makes me think maybe it is not it. As soon as I stop feeling depressed I will try and attempt using my girlfriend's Corsair 750W to see if it persists...

There is one thing I can do but I am not sure how it would be helpful, which is using an HDD/SSD dock to access my data on another computer.

Please, does anyone have any insights at all?