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Jan 9, 2017
So this issue has been on going for so long. My pc will black screen into a restart randomly. Nothing triggers it, it happens at desktop or few hours into using the pc. I took it to a shop locally and was told that my CPU needed to be replaced. Went out and bought a new one which didn't solve the issue then was told my MOBO wouldn't support my 3600 ram and might need to be under clocked to 3200 which also didn't solve the issue. Finally have going back and fourth for about 2 weeks I was told my 5700XT needed to be RMA'd. I went ahead and sent it in but couldn't wait and found a brand new 3070 locally. When installing, I did a clean DDU of AMD and NVIDIA drivers. The first day was completely fine, it ran all day/night no issues. Then I couldn't use my computer for couple days. When booting it up today it is back to restarting right at windows and got stuck into a rebooting cycle and wouldn't stop so I manually forced it to turn off via the case.

Ryzen 5 3600
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws v series 4x 8GB 3600
GPU: 3070 FE
PSU: Corsair RM650 80 plus gold

To add the reason why the shop determined it was the 5700XT was due to: System will reboot repeatedly if card has BIOS switch in the right position. System will boot if the BIOS switch is in the left position but the system is highly unstable in gaming workloads. System will crash to black screen and reboot randomly, no windows errors displayed when this occurs.

Steps taken: Multiple driver versions, changing cpu, and fresh installation of windows. When the CPU was installed the card crashed to a static screen rather than a black and reboot.

So I am wondering if this is an PSU or MOBO issue.
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