Question Computer restarts and freezes randomly (no warning)


Sep 27, 2013
Hello I hope you all are having a nice day, so I have an issue with my pc in which it restarts suddenly and afterwards when I need to boot it boots fine after I sign in it most of the time freezes immediately or till i open chrome or something. I noticed that if I shutdown completely and wait a bit it helps that is what I have done now and i'm not sure if it will freeze now or not. But this problem keeps on happening and most of the time after a sleep. ( I don't get any errors and when it freezes I do a restart by the restart button)

I recently upgraded my pc and the only old components are my HDDs and PSU other than that its all upgraded but I did use a fairly new mobo that was used for approx 6 months and likewise for the GPU. But my ram and CPU are all new.


MB: Asus x370 pro
Ram: 8*2 3000MHZ G.skill sticks
CPU: Ryzen 7 2700
PSU: seasonic M12II-620Bronze (since 2014 and my pc is almost always on sleep)
Boot drive is m.2 500GB crucial (new)
HDDS multiple of them.

It also did freeze once in bios after it have rebooted and froze after i booted I tried to enter the bios and after entering and switching the page for few secs it did freeze but I did not try after shutdown.

I started seeing this after installing new drivers I tried uninstalling them and it worked fine for few days but I kept audio drivers.

But the fact that it froze in bios makes me think its a hardware failure. I did do a ram test they are fine cpu is not over heating but in ryzen master my EDC does spike from time to time is fluctuates and reach 99% from time to time. (idk what it means, it did 100% as well)
cpu temp reaches 50 C something but I didnt see that it goes higher than the 50s.

Tests done:
  • Ram tests
  • CPU stress for few mins didn't crash
  • I did run multiple games at the same time CPU didn't over heat nor did my pc crash or freeze (that day my pc did shut down was not on sleep when I started using it again)
I hope someone can help me sort this out and I hope its not an expensive component T^T, thanks for anyone's time in advance.
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Feb 10, 2019
is there a way to test the actual voltage variance of your PSU?
I'm no expert, just to be clear!
If the PSU only has a bronze rating, could the variance in voltage be causing power spikes which are affecting the rest of the system?
Also, do you use proper surge protection sockets for all your computer hardware?

I expect that the longer your system is on for, the more strain there is on the power supply.... the more strain, the more variance, more spikes/dips.

I could be completely wrong, its just the first thing I thought of when reading about your problem.

I can't see it being software related, unless its a corruption in firmware somewhere, have you run any updates on your BIOS?
I presume you have installed the components yourself?

My usual process with a problem like this would be to remove each component one by one, Graphics card, RAM stick, non-system drives, optical drives etc and see if the problem continues. If for example you removed the graphics card and the problem went away, I would consider compatibility, perhaps looking to see if you have the most up to date version of your BIOS installed. I say this purely because of the freezing while in the BIOS.

Hopefully something in there is useful for you :)

Hope this hasn't been a waste of your time Fatma123