Computer restarts randomly in Windows 7 home premium (Service pack 1 64 bit)


Feb 14, 2017
Firstly here is a gyazo of my specs:

Here is my issue. My PC will randomly go off and restart. At first when the issue arose it would do it after seemingly random durations of time. Might be within the first hour of being on PC or it may be after 8 hours. But this past weekend it started to do it seemingly every 5 minutes or so. The monitor screen will go black for a few seconds, and the PC will go off and restart.

The start up screen will ask if you want to start windows normally or in safe mode etc. etc.

After this weekends issue of it restarting nearly every 5 minutes seemingly.I became extremely concerned. So I researched the issue. And I read about opening up the PC tower and blowing/cleaning it out with a can of compressed air. To help with a possible over heating issue. So I managed to do that successfully, despite my nervousness about doing so and my very limited technical/PC skills.

I also noticed that the wall outlet plug in I had the PC plugged into was very loose. So I switched to the plug in below it which appears to be more stable/firm.

All this being said I got back on the PC yesterday and it ran fine for several hours and all appeared to be better. But then it did the restart issue again!

So I ask you tom's HARDWARE. What is going on here? What are my issues? And what can I do to fix this?

Thank you very much for your time and thanks in advance for any help/replies

All the best...


Your PC is from ibuypower with fx9370, we know the i-power PC is not than good, either the PSU or the MB has problem, the fx9xxx cpu is the one of the worst cpu in the world, because it has 22W TDP. If the PC is without a good MB and PSU, then the PC will restart/shutdown something like that.

If the PC is new, you are better to contact ibuypower.

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