Question Computer Restarts when Launching WoW

Jan 9, 2020

Every time I try to start the game I get an automatic restart of my whole computer, sometimes I get to a load screen and then it’ll just auto restart as well.

I get a 41/63 error but I do know that that is just the computer letting you know it had to do an emergency restart to prevent harm to the system. That being said some similar codes I get are 7034s and 6008 (this one is related to heat but I have ran multiple independent third party software like: HW Monitor, Speedfan, CPUID CPU-Z, and no signs of overheating in terms of GPU, CPU, etc).

I am at a loss at this point. What I’ve done about this:

Updated BIOS
Updated all drivers
Changed power settings
Changed startup settings
Ran Independent Software to log temperatures
Checked PSU voltages at Best Buy and it was fine
Checked PSU voltages using HWMonitor (None of the rails show any ware or tear)
Scanned and Repaired WoW (removed WTF prior to this)
Ran memtest (no memory issues)
Ran disc scans
Ran sfc /scannow in CMD
I have the logs of the event viewer if anyone wants to see… I have no idea what to do I am at a loss.

Anyone have a clue as to what is going on?
Edit: Because I forgot to post some other things, took the GPU apart (XFX RX 470) removed the old thermal paste and added new paste.

I also rerouted airflow in the computer and cleaned it out, removed dust from all the components, etc.

Specs are:
ASUS H270 Plus Motherboard
XFX RX 470 4GB
CoolerMaster 212 Black Edition
600W thermaltake PSU


Win 10 Master
Have you tried a clean boot to see if its another program causing it?

Try a clean boot and see if it changes anything - make sure to read instructions and make sure NOT to disable any microsoft services or windows won't load right -

if clean boot fixes it, it shows its likely a startup program. You should, over a number of startups. restart the programs you stopped to isolate the one that is to blame.


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