[SOLVED] Computer running at under 25% load while gaming but can't hit 60fps

A Furry Peanut

Jan 11, 2016
I am trying to play COD:MW (2019) at 4k 60fps with the settings maxed out however I seem to be getting 40-50fps on average. I don't mind lowering the settings but when I checked my computer resources (using task manager) my cpu and gpu were running below 25%. I was just curious as to why my system is not using more of the cpu and gpu to hit 60fps?

ryzen 3950x
rtx 2080 super
windows 10
With a 32 thread cpu there's not a game out there that will push 30% usage.
So that cpu usage is perfectly normal.

Are you sure that's your max GPU usage too??
I find that hard to believe.

Also at 4k Ray tracing if you have it enabled will absolutely tank fps at anything above medium settings even on a 2080.