Question Computer running, no signal on both monitors after interrupting Win10 update.

Apr 6, 2020
Hello All,
So amidst a Windows 10 Update, my monitors went black (not a restart) and nothing happened for about an hour. So apprehensively I restarted the PC. The computer boots (no error lights on Mobo) but monitors don't power on or display anything. I've changed out hdmi's and tested monitors on another computer and they're working. How can I do anything to my computer if I can't see anything? Physical whipe of the HD?
Specs: Tomahawk B450/Ryzen 5 3600/ Trident Neo(32g)/Radeon 5700 1gb (I know... I'm saving for a big one ;) )
Thank you all!!!
Considering that the PSU and GPU both date from ~'13.....

Even if you considered the Windows update at fault, you should still get splash screen for startup
I would probably see about a loaner GPU, if possible. Something low end, 75W (750ti or so) just to see if you can get a signal.
Aside from age, the rating on the PSU is certainly enough. I have never personally had issue out of the CX models.
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