Question Computer seemed loud, wasn't able to figure out how to fix it

Feb 18, 2019
Hello, so I noticed my computer was sounding louder than I thought it should as soon as I'd turn it on. I was concerned and asked a friend for help(he is good with computers). He instructed me to go to the bios on startup and to look at smart fan settings, which I did. He told me the RPM was a lot higher than it should be. We were not sure on what to do. I'm sorry if this is an obvious question to you guys, but I'm not very knowledgeable in this stuff. Help would be appreciated :)

I hope this screenshot comes to use


100% fan at 65C is a little aggressive.

Based on the current temperature you are somewhere between 2 and 3 on that fan curve. If that is 1829PRM what will it get to when the CPU fan reaches 100%?

I'm not sure what you are seeking as a response. You can adjust it to your tastes as long as you keep the temperature down, that is what that little chart is for. You can move all those points around and save them.


Jan 5, 2019
I would just suggest you to play around with the fan RPM's and try to find a quieter solution that still keeps your components at manageable temps. Playing with the fan speed is pretty safe and easy. If you find a certain setup for your fans is casing heating issues, just go in and change it again or set it back to default and try something different. If you cant find any good custom fan setups that give you good temps and low noise, then you might want to consider in investing in some better fans (Noctua is a good brand for performance/noise). hope that helps a bit.


When you say 'just turn it on' do you mean the period of boot time before Windows really settles in? (good pic btw), because if that's the case then there's nothing to be done except a change of fan/cooler, since bios automatically controls the fan according to its loading during boot, which runs rather high compared to Windows.

What you see now is a cpu fan at 32°C setting at @45% duty cycle and 1829 rpm. That makes that a 4000rpm fan± with a case fan fan-curve of 100% at cpu temp of 65°C. The curve is fine for the purpose of that fan, except for 1 thing. It's source is the cpu, not case/system. It's far too aggressive at the lower end. It should look closer to a gradual curve, starting @30% duty at 30°, 35%@40, 40%@45, not reaching 100% until 70 or 80 °C. So gradual upto @50% then sharp upto 100%.