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Question Computer shut down normally and is now completely unresponsive

Jul 6, 2020
Hello all!

Recently built a computer about 6 weeks ago for a buddy. Worked great, screaming fast, no issues, temps were all good, genuinely no problems.

One night, buddy shut the computer down like he always does, closed the door to the office and went to bed. The next day the computer does not respond. It is completely dead. No lights, no fans spinning, literally nothing.

Troubleshooting done so far;
-Tested other outlets
-Tested other power strips
-Tested other power cables
-Bridged two pins on power supply per EVGA troubleshooting video to see if PSU was dead. The fan started up which leads me to thing the PSU Works
-Exchanged MOBO for a new one, no change

I'm at a loss. Any ideas here? I've never had a computer just totally die

Link to Build

Any help here would be super appreciated. I did this build for a buddy who's using it to edit video and he's behind on some deadlines now that his computer isn't working