Question Computer shuts down and attempts to turn itself back on after shortly turning off again repeatedly ?

Apr 13, 2021
I've only run into this issue recently after being in a game on my computer and it randomly decided to shut down and do as the title of this thread says. This has never happened before and I've had this computer for around a year and a half. Usually, I'd troubleshoot it myself but I'm stuck since I've yet to see another problem where a PC tries to turn itself on repeatedly.

Motherboard: Gigabyte z390 gaming x
CPU: Intel i7 9700kf
GPU: Gigabyte RTX 2070 SUPER

After trying to taking my computer apart, I tried dusting off my cpu cooler since I was suggested to do this since my motherboard indicated there were issue with my CPU when it was shutting down adruptly.

I've also tried doing a clean reinstall of my graphic drivers since I thought that since its only doing this with games it had something to do with my GPU.

I've looked throughout my computer and haven't seen anything that's broken or overheating particularly. everything is far below 40-45 C.

I don't mind having to buy something if its defective but if its internal or something easily fixed I'll be frustrated if I buy something that I didn't need. Any help would be appreciated

Edit: I just did a PSU stress test and I'm using 100% of my CPU and it isn't shutting off.
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