[SOLVED] Computer Shuts down but doesn't turn off

Feb 3, 2022
I recently upgraded by GPU (From a 1660 6gb to an RTX 3070), so I've been playing loads of high specification games over the last month (Mainly Cyberpunk).

However, the other week I got bored and wanted to play some other old games I used to enjoy. So, I loaded up the game and had been playing it for around 30 minutes when my screen went black and turned off like I had done a windows shut down. But, weird thing was my PC didn't turn off, RGB, fans, AIO pump all were still churning. I restarted my PC and tried to play the game again and the same thing happened.

I went back to Cyberpunk and played that for around 2 hours no problems, went back to the other game (SCP Secret Lab) and tried playing that, ran into the issue again.

I'm stumped because I have no clue what's causing this, I've tried reinstalling the game, swapping the installation location, resetting the CMOS and even tried reinstalling Windows, same problem.

It not only SCP secret lab, I also ran into the problem on Subnautica Below Zero and Apex Legends. So, right know I'm so confused. Loads of basic research tells me its my PSU, but how can it be when I can play Cyberpunk with RTX on and not run into the same problem, when Cyberpunk is bound to put more stress on the PSU.

Anyone have any idea what the problem is?

P.S: Build Spec:
CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x
GPU: MSI Gaming x trio 3070 8gb
RAM: 32gb RAM
Motherboard: MSI 450b tomahawk max
PSU: Aerocool bronzw 750w
It may be that your new GPU is faulty although you do not have the best PSU. PSU issue would be more likely to shut the computer completely off.