Computer shuts down instantly and then restarts itself at random times

Apr 20, 2018
Today, during gaming, my computer just shuts down like the power is out, and then it resarts itself after a second or so. Happens randomly and it happened 3 times today, all during gaming. Heat is not the problem, i checked the temps on both CPU and GPU during gaming and they were all fine. I don't know what's causing this, and would love your help!


My canned random reboot Rant
Random reboots are usually caused by the PSU, the RAM or software AND in that order of likely-hood.
PSU - If you can borrow/swap a PSU for testing. sibling/friend you can swap out the PSU and each system will be testing the other.
RAM - run the system with one stick of RAM see if stability returns if not Test all the RAM with memtest 86 for three passes or overnight. if you get no 0 errors after more than three passes the ram is good. with the random reboots I would suggest running this test after the PSU swap or after the PSU has been cleared.
Software - Drivers or other issues can cause reboots. Boot to a linux distro on a USB drive. mint linux will boot to memtest86. you can run the OS from the USB and await reboot.
end canned rant

I would look to the PSU. What model PSU do you have?