Question Computer shuts down randomly, boots for a few seconds and turns off repeatedly.

May 17, 2021
I posted this issue a little while ago and most pointed that it's my PSU so had it replaced.
after 3 days of no issues, the problem persists again.

the issue I have is that the computer randomly shuts off, then it will try to boot again and again but fail after a few seconds.

so this is my steps for troubleshooting thus far if it will help anyone.

  1. computer was cleaned with compressed air and thermal paste reapplied.
  2. correct temperature was stable, and no overheating. all fans running. no loose cables and no faulty wiring.
  3. tried different sockets and circuits. same problem exists throughout.
  4. tried the safety pin test on my PSU, the fans run fine and the optical drive plugged into the sata port was operating without worry for 15minutes
  5. tried isolating the issue, took out GPU, RAM and ran the PSU with just the motherboard and CPU. the same problem persists.
I'm lost on what I need to do or what the issue is..

My specs:
motherboard: MSI z87-gd65
cpu: intel i5-4670k
psu: corsair rm650x

ram: 2x8gb corsair vengeance LP
gpu: evga nvidia 1070ti
windows: 10

please help!!! thank you!
try pulling your GPU and see if your PC will run on integrated graphics. you will now be plugging monitor cables into the back of the motherboard instead of the GPU for testing purposes only. if it suddenly starts working again there is an issue with the GPU and further testing will be needed.

edit: saw that you did that already.......oops
May 17, 2021
Any other pointers or what else it could be?
A friend said it could be a motherboard/CPU issue but not sure at all...