Question Computer shuts down randomly

Aug 24, 2020
I just finished building my first computer, the computer was fine,
Used it for about a day, until...the front tempered glass broke when im tightening the screws for it. Took all the parts out the pc case, cleaned it, and connected all the wires back up again.

I could boot into windows at first but after a few minutes the screen just went blank. The fans are still running though. Its just that only half of the fan was lit(my fan is not connected to the mobo, just the psu)
I thought the psu was faulty and changed it. Also took the hard drives off. Sometimes i can't start up and sometimes i can, entering the bios. But it would still shut down after like 30seconds? The fans are still running.
Oh also, i cant power the fans off with the power button, need to flip the switch of the psu to shut it down.
Im really confused, is glass harmful to my pc?


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS.

Glass is an insulator and not electrically harmful to your pc.

A physical piece of glass could get into a female cable port and block the incoming plug.

Or, a piece of flying glass could have scratched a trace on the motherboard or hit and broke/damaged a component on the motherboard. Was the computer, more precisely were the fans running , when the glass broke?

A piece of glass could also block a fan but that would take, I believe, a rather large and hopefully noticeable piece of glass.

Also, if you cracked the tempered glass by over-tightening the screws that may be an indication that you likewise over-tightened other screws.

Take all apart and inspect very carefully using a bright flashlight and magnifying glass.

Then, if nothing broken is found, reread all assembly instructions and reassemble very carefully. Step-by-step double-checking as you go.