Question Computer shuts down unexpectedly after the first time is boots.

Sep 15, 2019
Hello. I built a computer pretty recently. But I ran to even more issues. The computer just kept going into some black screen, which turned out to be a blue screen, but the monitor just never shows any signal until it gets to boot once again. This happens a few times a day now, instead of once like it used to be a week ago. Windows doesn't give much information either. It just says that the computer has shut down unexpectedly without any further information. As I said in my last post, I tried rebuilding the entire computer, reinstalled Windows (5 times), used different GPU drivers, changed ram slots, installing different socket drivers and used DDU as well. I really start to think that the GPU causes the issue, because the screen never goes on again during the "blue screen" and I know that it's a blue screen, because of the glitched audio I get everytime the computer crashes. I also want to mention that my GPU was bought used from Amazon, but it was so recent that I even got the 30 day return policy from Amazon themselves, but the real issue is that the GPU came with a default core clock of 1150Mhz, which seemed abnormal to me, considering my friend's RX 480 had it's default clock set to 1266Mhz. (I also overclocked it to 1450Mhz)

Ryzen 5 2600

ASRock B450 Pro4

G.Skill 8GB (1x8) 3000Mhz

RX 580 8GB (XFX)

Be Quiet! System Power 9 (600W 80+ Bronze)

Windows 10 Home 64-bit


May 12, 2019
What are the slots you tried for ram based on your manual with single dimm of ram and Pinnacle Ridge cpu it has to be at A2 slot. Also try disable the xmp profile and let ram to run at default speeds (2133mhz) and see if this will fix it. Next check what the temprature's are and of course remove your overclock from the gpu and let everything at stock.
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