Computer Shutting Down Again and Again


Mar 31, 2012
My Computer is 3 years old.
Its an AMD athlon X2.
I am using it with a Abit MB. NO Graphics card.

My problem is - Computer shuts down. Worse part is i can almost predict when it will happen. It happens whenever i try to run 3 for 4 program at a time. or try to do anything related to image or graphics. (like click pictures in a flash website, Converting RAW files to JPEG files, watching a 1024p Vdo....etc)

WORSE part is....after i press the power button boots...shows me the desktop and the shuts itself down keeps happening..i have to give it a 10-20 mins rest. after 10-20 minit...its alright again.

i have tried cleaning the fan and cooling sink. no work. one thing i noticed...the gell between processor and cooling sink is dried.

and if its a hardware problem....why does it happen after booting? i mean why do i have a successful boot? why doesn't it happen while loading the windows?
and if its a software problem....(like virus or corrupt windows) ..then why it becomes alright after rest?

whats the solution?


putting a load on the processor and heating it up past its ceiling would cause it to shut down. reapply thermal paste, get core temp to monitor the temps and see how that works.