Question Computer shutting down with fans still running only on certain games.

Jun 21, 2021
Okay, im at a loss. Let me explain what is happening, my computer shuts down after a few minutes of play on any game that demands a lot of power (Tarkov, Squad, War Thunder) yet is fine on other games that aren't demanding.

The very strange part about this is that it shuts down and my fans are still running.

Specs: MOBO- Aorus X570 Elite
CPU- Ryzen 3700X
GPU- EVGA NVIDIA 1660 SC Ultra Gaming
Ram- Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB 3200Mhz x2
PSU- Cooler Master MPY-7501 750W Gold+
Storage- Crucial P1 1TB (Nvme m.1) and 2 Kingston SSDS
(Had the computer for about a year now all brand new parts)

Troubleshooting steps so far: Cleaning case, reseating cables, checking fans, putting new thermal paste on both cpu and gpu.
Windows restore to before issue started happening, using OCCT to stress test every component (no problems temps are nominal not reaching over 85-90 C)
Reinstalling Nvidia drivers using DDU.

Event viewer is putting up critical error on Kernal-Power with no data (basically everything is 0)

Troubleshooting steps not tried yet: Using another PSU (don't know why it wouldn't screw up during stress test but haven't ruled it out)
Reinstalling windows clean slate. Installing new BIOS.

I hope you guys have some insight as to what might be happening.