Question Computer slows down when Graphics Tablet is plugged in

Oct 11, 2020
Hello! I've got a bit of an issue that happened suddenly out of nowhere during a drawing session. I've got an H610PRO(2048) that is a few years old now and as I was drawing I heard the notification sound when a USB becomes Unplugged and then the sound for when it gets plugged back in.

I did not think much of it until suddenly my entire computer begins to slow down so I had no choice but to restart everything and even that took a while to happen.
Upon restarting my PC would not fully boot up and would sit at the login screen where it says "Welcome" with an infinite loading wheel. 30 minutes pass before I made the decision to do a force restart I decided after that to unplug everything besides my Keyboard and Mouse and it booted up just fine as it should.

So I started slowly inserting all my devices back in and saving the Tablet for last. The same thing happens though when it gets plugged back in, everything slows to a sluggish crawl where opening or clicking on things becomes a big task to accomplish! so I unplugged it after that started happening and it kept on being slow until I restarted again.

Once the computer booted back up I uninstall all Huion drivers and even did a registry clean with CCleaner to make sure as much of whatever there was gone and then reinstalled the drivers but the same thing happens once more.
So for the last time, I uninstalled the drivers again and decided to use the disc that came with my device to install. Same thing again except this time when the USB is plugged in it tries to install another driver from the tablet itself but it fails to install and after waiting around for ages for the window to pop up in device manager it says the device is not configured correctly (Code: 1)
I'm not sure what's causing this I tried every USB outlet I could and it all produces the same effect I thought it could be my motherboard might be biting the dust being it is a fair few years old by now but I tested other devices and nothing like this happens.
Plugged it into a friend's computer and the only weird thing to happen was that his open FireFox system usage shot up to near 100% for a few moments. The tablet is the only thing that causes this so I'm thinking SOMETHING got corrupted when my tablet disconnected and reconnected. It happened so suddenly and out of nowhere. I just don't know I'm at a complete and utter loss as to the issue and I've waited for over a week for a response from Huion to see if they knew anything but I haven't gotten a reply yet.

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate and I apologize if this is the incorrect forum to ask this! Apologies if this is the wrong section for this kind of question!
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