Feb 20, 2019
Hi I use an it MIX small bluetooth speaker sometimes, usually i use it with my phone. It is a basic phone, not smartphone. I keep bluetooth turned on on my phone. When i turn my speaker on, i receive a message on my phone, i push OK and the sound of my phone comes out of my speaker.

Now, I wanted to do the same thing with my computer. I have a dell latitude E6410 with windows 7 ultimate 64bits, it doesn't have a bluetooth card. So i bought a USB bluetooth thing fro amazon ( I plug it, windows recognizes it and installs river, then i have to go to 'show printers and other devices", i click on "add device". I see my bluetooth speaker id'ed as a keyboard. I click on it. Then it asks me either to "create a coupling code" or "enter device coupling code". "associate device without code" is greyed out. After a while i get an error message "adding device failed" (i have windows in french, so my translations of windows menus and error messages might be different from the ones in an actual english language windows version)

Did anyboy had any luck sending sound from his computer to a bluetooth speaker using an external usb bluetooth card ?

thank you all
Did you try to use device coupling code of 0000?
just asking since it is most common bluetooth coupling code (speaker manual should tell you what it is) and as far as I know, you pretty much ALWAYS need it to couple bluetooth to devices.

Possible problems:
some devices do not support pairing to TWO devices and will forget the pairing to last one if paired with new one. If this is the case, you would need to pair it again to your phone when you want to use it with that.
Some bluetooth devices also need to be put to pairing mode to be paired with new computer/phone, just seeing it in list is not always enough. This would also be mentioned in speaker manual.

and since specific speaker type is not mentioned, googling for manual is pretty fruitless effort for me