Computer started smoking during build, HELP!


Apr 7, 2012
Case: HAF 922
PSU:  PcPowerandCooling 600w Silencer
MoBo:  AsRock Extreme4 Z77
CPU: i5 3570k

This week, after months of careful planning and research I pulled the trigger and bought parts so that I could build a gaming pc.  Today I finally got around to building it and it was going pretty good.  I used the newegg tutorial and aside from a few confusing parts, I finished the external build without problems.  I moved everything in the case and started wiring and managing cables.  I was having trouble finding the psu cable to power the case fans, so I plugged in the only cable that looked like it would fit.  I turned on the psu to see what powered on and then the cable that connected the fans to the psu started smoking.  I immediately turned everything off and unplugged all cables.  I was wondering what may of caused this issue.  I am very frustrated that after all my careful planning, I still failed at the last minute.  Do you think this is covered by the warranty?  I'm really scared that I need to buy a new part.  I'm going to try to go to my local MicroCenter tomorrow for some assistance, although I bought my CPU cooler and case from newegg.  Will they still help?


Nov 4, 2012
Seems like you attempted to plug in a berg connector to the case fan. There are ports on the motherboard to power those fans, labelled normally as "Chassis Fans" It's probably covered by the warranty, just don't tell them what you did.