Computer started up fine(i think), having trouble installing CD's


Jul 23, 2011
Alright its my first time building a pc. I'm pretty sure I hooked everything up but i may have made a mistake. I press the power button and I can see the UEFI screen. Also all the LED's and fans came on. When i try to install my OS i get this message.

"reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

my optical works, its able to eject and go back in just fine. It just seems to have trouble reading the Disk(i guess).

i searched around on the forum and ppl suggested to make the optical the first one in the boot sequence. So i go to the UEFI then boot options and i can only see only one thing in the boot sequence which is the hard-drive. Like i see pics in the manual suggesting there are four things listed in the sequence but mine only shows up with the HDD. I do not know if thats related or not.

My system specs are:
Asrock p67 extreme4
ASUS 24X DVD Burner - Black SATA - OEM
WD sata6.0 gb - 500 gigs
asus 560 ti
8 gbs of ram

Any suggestions would be helpful, I'm pretty new to all this so i dont know catch something small by myself
It can be that you have put the DVD on a none native SATA connector therefore it does not show as a possible boot device. Either swap it to a native one or activate the none native controller in bios!