Question Computer starts, no video, orange LED blinks 6 times on motherboard, turns off, repeats ?

Mar 4, 2021
Heeelp... my computer is refusing to start.

I upgraded it on june 2020, it was working perfectly until about a month ago, when it crashed and refused to start, it would turn on, and almost instantly turn off and then on again and so on.

I suspected a faulty PSU, so I replaced and it worked again... but since then it did it again a couple of times, both of them I'd take out the RAM stick (I have only one) and reseat it and would work again. Also one of the HDDs died (it was an old one) so I figured it might be that and the heat (it's been VERY hot here) that might have been unseating the RAM. Also a couple days ago I had an "IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL" blue screen

Last night it did it again, but this time it won't turn on again.

These are the specs:

SSD Western Digital Wds100t2b0b 1tb (installed after the problems began)
SSD Western Digital Wd Green Wds240g2g0a 240gb
Ram Pc 16gb Hp V2 Ddr4 2400mhz Udimm
Motherboard Gigabyte Ga-b365m Ds3h
CPU Intel Core I5-940
ASUS GT-1030 video card (this is from before the upgrade)
Thermaltake 500w PSU (brand new).

I took it apart and put it back together again, including the CPU and fan cooler, nothing. I've also tried booting it without the video card, and without the RAM sticks. I also replaced the PSU for one with a working computer and nothing. From time to time I also checked kept checking the temperatures, CPU temps usually were around 40 C at start, got to about 75 - 80 C under 100% load

It boots, there's an orange LED on the gigabyte motherboard that blinks 6 times slowly, then turns off. After a second or two, it turns on again and repeats. Taking out the video card doesn't have any effect, taking out the RAM makes the LED blink faster but still 6 times and off.

Any help please??? I have a lot of work to do on it. I'm thinking it might be RAM or motherboard (hoping it isn't CPU), but I'm a little low on money so I'd prefer if there was a way to know for sure before spending money on new components
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