Question Computer starts to reboot when Stresstesting GPU & CPU at the exact same time

Feb 5, 2020
Hey Guys,

so i have a problem with my system currently. Somewhat my PC starts to reboot after stresstesting gpu and cpu immediatly but fails to reboot. It's hard to explain. My PC then doesn't reboot but I see the coolers still working and the power button still lights up. And I thought it would be my new PSU, but thats impossible because i tested the same setup with my old PSU and it still has the same issue. It can't be a cooling issue cause my cpu and gpu are under 60c when crashing. My old PSU was a 630W Thermaltake Gold. And before this issue I had a GTX MSI 1070 8X.

My Setup:

CPU: 2700X (No OC)
Motherboard: MSI A-PRO B450 (Bios is Updated)
RAM: Vengeance 3200Mhz 2x8GB (No OC)
SSD + HDD: 1x 500GB Samsung EVO 1xKingston 120GB 1xHDD 1TB Seagate 1x M.2 SSD Samsung
PSU: TX850M Corsair
GPU: RTX 2080 Super Gigabyte 8GB (No OC)
CPU Cooler: AIO H100i

Hopefully someone can help me. I'm driving crazy.


That wattage alone, makes me think you're referring to one of the bad quality PSU's out there in the market. The brand is another giveaway. Not all Thermaltake products are good.

How old is the Corsair PSU? Outside of the (badly built)Thermaltake unit, can you source a donor PSU of the same build quality as the Corsair from a neighbor or friend?

For the sake of relevance, can you state which BIOS version you're currently on? No overclock on the rams might be another indication. Go into BIOS and enable X.M.P and see if the system regains stability. Yes, anything above DDR4-2133MHz is an overclock.

You need to mention what app's you've used to stresstest the system.
Feb 5, 2020
So the Thermaltake PSU is 5 years old and I'm currently using it with my GTX 1070 and everything is totaly fine. Even in hardest Stresstesting (Prime95 + Furemark) nothing is crashing or clocking down.

The Corsair PSU was 2 days old but I sent it back because I think it must be the PSU somehow. Hopefully the HX750 i ordered will fix the problem. Unfortunately I can't get another PSU from the same quality at the moment.

The Bios Version is 7B86vAC. The X.M.P. Profile is already loaded, I forgot to mention that. The Apps i've used for stresstesting are Furemark and Prime95. And I used a Game to notice if anything changes after PSU and GPU Switches: GTA5. It crashed in every combination, but my old GPU + old PSU.