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Sep 7, 2019
Hey I bought the Acer Desktop Computer Aspire GX-785-UR18 with Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7700 (3.60 GHz) 16 GB DDR4 1 TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
about a year ago the computer was running perfectly fine till 2 weeks ago.
it started randomly losing signal to the display monitor. sometimes the screens goes black s for like 2 secs and then get signal back and sometimes it just loses signals and it requires a hard restart to work again. and even sometimes have to restart the pc and wait around 30mins before the screen comes back.

when display loses signal the computer stays on and all the fans are still running.
when playing games like League of legends, Minecraft, Fornite the display goes to black screen and then just crash... when watching a youtube vid the display loses signal but the sound keeps on going.

Also when the display loses signal the cpu usage would spike to 100%

I've tried dust cleaning the computer, resetting the computer, changing the psu... check the gpu tempatures
I also tried to disable the nvidia graphic card driver but the problem would still appear.

does anyone know the fix for my problem ?

PC Tailor

Welcome to the forums my friend!

This often typically points to a faulty GPU, or behind it a faulting PSU. What PSU make and model do you have?
Have you tried running without the discrete GPU, running on integrated and seeing if the issue persists?
Have you monitoring GPU and CPU temps under load?
Do you have latest drivers installed?

Did you change any hardware, install anything new or use new software 2 weeks ago?
Do you have any overclock or XMP enabled?
Sep 7, 2019
Hey, Thanks for the reply!

I have the LITEON PS7501-5 it PSU came with the computer

The GPU and CPU temps seems to be good, and Yes I have the latest drivers installed...

No I havent change any hardware or install new software 2 weeks ago all I did was hard reset the pc 3 days ago in hope the issue would go away

The computer seems to be running fine in safe mode even when stress tested...

No I dont have any overclock or XMP enabled



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