[SOLVED] Computer stopped booting up after trying to install a sound card. Red CPU Light on Motherboard stays on

Mar 6, 2021
My PC Stopped booting up yesterday, and I'm not sure what else to try besides just replacing everything.

I built my PC exactly a year and have had virtually zero problems until this past weekend. I noticed that my sound settings were acting up. Every mic I would try to use was working at half of the volume even though the level was at 100, so I decided to buy a sound blaster and see if it fixed the issue. AS SOON as I installed it, it stopped booting up.

One thing I did do, which I don't think I have ever done, or will do again, is turn the computer off using the power switch on the power supply. I have no idea why I did that, but it's got me thinking that I messed something up.

I went to Best Buy today and bought a new power supply to see if that was the issue. The RGB and fans turn out fine, nothing else will load up though.

I'm pretty sure that I've tried every possible solution I could find on google. A buddy told me to post it on here and see if anyone else has any ideas.

I have ordered a new motherboard and CPU, coming next week but I would love to solve the issue before then.

Anyways, if anyone has an idea for me to try, I'm all ears.

CPU - Ryzen 7 2700
GPU - GTX 1660 Super


Turning off power supply via switch wouldn't have done any harm physically. Data corruption possible if didn't shut down normally. If whenever working on the insides, always disconnect power cable. More than likely nothing happened with the switch to off but it's more of a common sense thing and piece of mind.

Red cpu led may be the result of dislodged ram or possibly cpu power somehow disconnected, depending how good of a fit it was in the first place. Could have bumped or simply hands inside unknowingly touched something.

Check power leads (both sides if modular) and reseat ram and see how you go.

When a new psu replaces another, if/any modular cables were used, must be changed to the new cables, i hope this was done. That goes for any cable providing power, ATX, CPU, PCIe and Sata. Sata data is fine to reuse. Pinouts vary from brand to brand and possibly model to model too and there's high a risk of frying components.
Mar 6, 2021
My original PSU was not modular, but the new one is so all cables are new. All cables are in and correctly placed.

I have tried it with 1 ram stick, 2 sticks, different ram from a different computer.

I've replaced the motherboard battery and reset the cmos. It's so confusing to me