Sep 17, 2004
Hey guys something has caused my system to stop overclocking. It runs fine at stock speeds, but no matter what I do in BIOS whether it is a FSB increase of 2 or 10 it always boots up at its stock speed. This is a new rig, and it has done fine until now. I have reset CMOS and reseated the RAM along with unplugging various periphreals. Do any of you have some ideas. Is this a possible BIOS corruption?

Intel 3.4 775
Epox EP-5EPA+
Leadtek 6600GT
Corsair XMS PC4000 2x256
Liquid cooled
Antec Truepower 430
Sounds like the BIOS battery is either
a) Dead
b) Not making proper contact

a) Replace with new battery
b) Reseat battery in slot

OK it's your choice:
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