Question Computer stuck in constant boot loop

Mar 21, 2020
So yesterday I decided to wipe down my pc with a cloth to remove some of the dust on the graphics card and motherboard. When I turned my pc back on it would boot for about 7 seconds and then turn off and then reboot itself, its stuck in this loop.

I removed the graphics card and placed it back in
Removed the ram and placed it back in
Removed all plug from the motherboard and placed them back in

The strange thing is when I put my cdmi cable into my motherboard and restart my pc it boots up and I get signal, however when I boot up my pc with the cdmi in the graphics card it gets stuck in a boot loop.
The graphics card lights up and the fans spin, I have had the pc for almost a year and never had this issue.

Help would be appreciated

1070ti msi graphics card
i7 9700k intel cpu
2tb hdd storage
1tb ssd
Asus rog strip B360G motherboard
Artic cooler fan
700 power supply
as soon as I restart the computer with the hdmi cable in the graphics card the computer gets stuck in a constant boot loop