Question Computer stuck restarting repeatedly, no beeps, nothing on monitor

Jul 6, 2020
So basically a while ago, there was an incident involving a printer and my computer in which the printer was connected to my computer through a USB slot on the motherboard i/o. I went to plug in the printer to power it on, and a spark came when I brought the plug near the outlet. This killed the printer and left my computer in a state where I could still turn it on, and the fans would start spinning and the case would light up, but it would turn off again within a minute, and then turn itself back on, repeating this process until I turned off the switch on the PSU in the brief time it was off. I determined that the motherboard was likely bad and bought a new one. I installed the new one and nothing changed, it would still keep restarting, no beeps, no monitor signal.

As of right now, I've come up with two possibilities: most things are dead or I was shipped a DOA motherboard. I don't have any spare parts to test with and I am sure the power supply is good as I tested it with a psu tester. I have not tried anything yet with the new motherboard and would like some suggestions on what to try/how I can fix the problem. Basically, I want some information on how to test/fix things (especially the motherboard) since I would prefer not to replace everything one by one with a potentially DOA motherboard.

My specs: (MB) asrock b450m pro4, (cpu) ryzen 5 2600, (gpu) sapphire pulse rx580 8gb, (psu) corsair vs450, (ram) g.skill aegis 16gb 3000mhz

Any help is greatly appreciated as I don't really know where to go from my current situation, and if I left any info out just ask me .