Question computer stuttering for no reason when loading any game right after pc turn on or application closed


Jun 23, 2019
my computer has started to act strange recently, it started with a few stutters but now its happening on a daily basis.

every time i turn on my computer my pc is laggy for a few seconds then it will stay laggy for a long time until i restart again then it isn't laggy but when i launch a game and I'm finished playing the game it starts to get stuttery again and will persist until i restart multiple times, and when I'm playing in game it feels like its running at 1fps and and if i tab out it will stay that way until i close the game and restart then it happens again.

i am looking for anyone who can help solve this issue or guide me to a solution

CPU- i7-8700k
mobo z390 m gaming
RAM- 16GB g.skill 3200mhz
GPU- msi rtx 3070 gaming x trio
psu- evga 750 gt supernova 80+ gold
storage- 120gb ssd
4tb wd blue hdd

any help would be appreciated.