Computer stuttering (most noticeable with streaming video - Amazon, Netflix , YouTube) more the longer it is on (reboot fixes

Oct 21, 2018
I've had this issue since I put it together. Specs are Windows 7 SP1, 32GB RAM, GTX 1080, stock i-7-7700.

I had a stuttering issue in general with games that I fixed by emptying the standby memory list routinely, but the video stuttering has persisted. It definitely gets worse the longer the computer has been running since reboot and I've tried closing virtually every running process once it gets bad with no success.

A casual "Properties" right click on the system drive (C: - which is a SSD - gives 68.8GB free). When I try to isolate the issue, CPU usage is under 30%, memory is under 45%. My internet connection is more than enough to handle 4k+ video, though this issue occurs even on older (144p on YouTube) video.

On occasion, though this hasn't happened for awhile, the whole computer handles multi-tasking awfully and becomes almost completely non-responsive, though it performs fine if I leave it in a single process and don't try to multi-task.

All of these issues are avoided if I restart the computer daily, but I would like to figure out what is going on if possible.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Couple of suggestions.

Perhaps play with the pagefile settings. If you're in the habit of using 10GB of RAM, try setting the minimum pagefile to 10,240MB and the maximum to 32,768. Don't worry. You can always set the minimum pagefile to something smaller later. I just wonder if Windows in its weird wisdom is allocating swapfile to match used RAM (as it grows), and eating up your resources. Or perhaps just set a smaller fixed minimum initially. I have no basis for my swapfile practices, other than "it works for me", but I tend to ensure that the minimum is a multiple of 64 on a 64 bit system, and I found with 8GB that 8x64 (512MB) was a decent minimum, with 8192 as maximum. On that basis, try 2,048MB minimum and 32,768MB maximum.

It would be worth logging your pagefile usage before and after changes too. Just to see if it ISN'T the pagefile.

Also, if you're rebooting to clear the RAM, you can always run RamMap instead, and empty the standby list that way.

Thinking as I typed...maybe also look at browser cache size and any browser extensions, if all these stutters are happening via a browser. There might be a rogue extension, or maybe the browser cache is the culprit.