computer teacher seeking help against students!


Jan 21, 2018

I am a computer teacher at a school and in my computer lab i have one central PC (that i use) and i have Ncomputing hardware for the rest of the monitors (for the students). so the students don't have cases, only monitors, keyboards, and mice. the problem is that while i explain a lesson some students will perform a log off from his monitor which will result in all the monitors logging off for the rest of the students including mine. even when i turn off all the monitors, they use ctrl+alt+del and log off. my question is, is there a way for me to prevent students from performing a shut down or log off from their monitors so that i can explain without interruption? suggestions might include a way to disable/enable student keyboards in a fast way, ...etc
You need classroom management software, that gives the instructor complete control of student’s PCs.
Even free versions, like LanSchool Lite, allows you to view students PCs, display lessons, help students, correct their work, view their progress and even lock out any user of your choosing.
Like CountMike said above. Those are not just monitors, if they were, students wouldn't have any control besides the ON/OFF button. They could be either All-in-one PCs or PCs networked to a Server.
You will need some administrative access over the classroom PCs and network to deploy a classroom management software.
You might need to contact your school IT department.