Question Computer tuns off after a couple of hours of usage. The parts are all brand new. I have read that it could be PSU issue. I am currently using a CX500

Certainly, when a rig develops as issue of just instantly shutting off, a PSU is often a prime potential culprit...

But, given the other facts give, (i.e, none), you are not likely to get much more than a 'maybe' on assistance.

Have you monitored 'under load' CPU temps/clock speeds, to rule out potential overheating issues? (Some motherboards maybe have BIOS settings to induce hard power off at certain temp conditions..)


Given that the wattage ends in 00 rather than 50, I'm guessing this is an older CX unit... which, even though your system isn't placing a huge demand on it, makes me suspicious. The modern (2017) CX units, while not spectacular, are better.

It may not be the power supply causing it, but I would replace it anyway. See the first link in my sig for recommendations.