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Dec 26, 2015
Hello. A few minutes ago, I was just writing some code and compiling on ue4 but then my computer suddenly displays nothing. I tried to turn it off and on again but it does not boot up. It wont even go to the bios.
The fans that are connected to the PSU is still running.

My mobo's led still lit up but my front fans that are connected to the mobo is not turning on.

I've been using this PC for almost 4 or 5 years now. I think this might be cpu related. I was about to apply a new thermal paste when I don't have any schoolworks and have a progress on my personal project.

Is my cpu or something already dead? Or is there a way i could save my pc? Man, I wish this bad boy could survive especially now, its pandemic and I'm a finacially struggling graduating student lol.

Here are my specs:

I5 6600k
R9 380 4gb
Hdd 1tb
Hi Blankcaps :)

You should first attempt to clear CMOS and get your Bios back to default. If all attempts fail and your Bios is corrupted then recover the Bios from the ASUS dvd supplied with the MB.
It could indeed be something else associated with hardware however you will get nowhere without a working Bios.
There are a series of LEDs for trouble shooting on the MB. Do any light up and stay on when you power up. They are for VGA, CPU, DRAM and BOOT device. (consult your manual)

Have you changed any settings in Bios recently or loaded a new piece of software recently?
List with your specs your RAM kit P/N and the Power supply make and model?
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