Question Computer turning off almost instantly after pressing the power button

Computer turning off almost instantly after pressing the power button

  • bad psu

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  • bad mainboard

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Mar 2, 2019
Hello everybody, for the last few days, when I turn on my computer, the power button´s light briefly turns on, and immediately the whole system shut down. And no matter how long I wait, it´ll remain dead unless I unplug the PSU, wait for few seconds, and plug it in again.

I already made the bridge thing with a paper clip on the PSU, and it works fine. I also check the voltages on the terminals, and they´re all fine too. So I assume it´s not PSU related, but I may be wrong... (I don´t have a second PSU or mainboard to replace them and check out what happens next, so I´m trying not to buy and replace something that may be working just fine).

The weird thing is that when I open the case, and unplug some internal HDD (I have 4 internal SATA disks, and 2 external ones), it works for a couple of days, turn it on just fine on the first try. And suddenly, start to repeat the same pattern.

Sometimes, I have to unplug an HDD and then plug it back again, and everything works fine.

And finally, once the system start up, it never turns off, keeps working smoothly.

Any suggestions? Any software tool I may run to find out if the mainboard is the responsible of this behavior?

What would you replace / do in this case?

Thank you very much in advance, have a great day!



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