Question Computer turning on automatically, no display, power button not functioning

Apr 5, 2020
Hi, all,

I am experiencing an issue where my computer turns on automatically whenever it is connected to power (meaning case lights lit up, case fans spinning), but nothing is displayed to my monitors. It sounds like the PC is attempting to turning itself off repeatedly, but keeps failing so that it is stuck in a loop. Additionally, attempting to use the power button to turn the PC off while it is in this state does not turn it off, but makes it so that it exits the loop of trying to turn itself off and stays on. I am only able to turn the PC off by disconnecting power or flipping the power switch in the back.

I began experiencing this issue after putting my computer into sleep mode, and then attempting to wake it up. The only "fix" I've tried so far is resetting the CMOS which had no affect aside from now making the computer enter the loop I mentioned whenever it has power. I'm not sure where to even start to try diagnosing the issue so any help would be much appreciated.