Question Computer turns every headset speaker into a microphone!

Jun 28, 2020
For some reason when I plug in my headset (I have tried 3 different ones), the microphone does not work and the speaker/headphones act as a microphone instead! I've searched all over for an answer only to have people show me how to turn regular headphones into a microphone (not helpful), and only found one other person with this issue who did not receive a response. My computer uses an ASRock motherboard and as a result, is forced to use Realtek which is always a pain.

I'd appreciate absolutely ANY help at this point so thank you very much in advanced.


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and Windows 10 version.

What make and model headsets have you tried?

Are you using any adapters or splitters in your headset audio connections?

Does the headphone to microphone "conversion" occur no matter what audio ports (front/back/audio card) are being used?

My thought is that there is a conflict with respect to the physical connections being used.



Take a look at the pins and connectivity being used.

Also right click the small speaker icon usually found in the lower right screen corner.

The result should be a four item menu with each menu choice leading to multiple windows, tabs, and property settings.

There are quite a number of end user options - some repetitious.

Explore first but do not change anything. Make a note of anything that does not seem to be correct or is otherwise not as you expect.

Then, try making an applicable configuration change but change only one thing at a time in case you need to go back and undo some change.